NARA Boono Cooler (NBC)

Product Outline

NARA Boono Cooler is an indirect heating type cooler for powder materials, with single or two agitating shafts. Each agitating shaft is arranged with numbers of special design agitating wings. Each shaft and wing has a jacket structure.Powders fed into the NBC are mixed well by the agitating shafts. Powders are cooled through the trough and agitating shafts with the cooling media.

NARA Boono Cooler can be used not only as a cooler but also as a heating (sterilization, drying) equipment by using hot water, hot oil, or low pressure steam as a heating media.


Cooling (Heating) of powders such as food, resin, organic/inorganic chemicals, metals, etc.


NARA Boono Cooler is a sister equipment of Nara Paddle Dryer (NPD), a representative equipment for indirect heating type dryers. NBC was developed for the specialized cooler (dryer) and has the following features:
  • NARA Boono Cooler prevents dust generation of fine powders by the elegant and unique shape of agitating wings.
  • Powder remaining in the NBC is minimized by the special structure of wings which was developed to scrape out all of the powders.
  • NBC has high cooling (heating) exchange efficiency, with the large heat transfer area in a relatively compact size.


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