Media Slurry Dryer

Without (any) agglomeration dryer

Media Slurry Dryer is designed for drying slurry material continuously and obtaining powders without causing agglomeration, in a size of primary particles. The slurry material is supplied by a pump directly to the media which is fluidized by hot air inside the drying tower. The supplied slurry material is dispersed into the fluidized bed and dried on the surface of the media. The slurry material can be dried in a short time, and the powders are continuously detached from the media by the mutual contact of the media. The dried powders are discharged together with the exhaust air out of the drying tower, and collected as primary particles through a cyclone and a bag filter.


  • Inorganic Slurry: Oxides, calcium carbonate, carbon black, ferrite, bentonite, glass dust, kaolin, etc.
  • Organic Slurry: Emulsion resins (acryl, oolystyrene, vinyl chloride, etc.), dye, pigment, pharmaceutical, surfactants, animal blood, etc.

Drying process

Dispersion + Adhesion

Slurry is supplied directly into fluidized media particles by pump and will be dispersed as adhering to the media surfaces in a thin film form.

Drying + Cracking

As the dispersed slurry in the tower contacts to the hot air effectively, evaporation and drying will be carried out in a short time.

Peeling + Discharging

Solids remaining on the surface of media particles are peeled off from the surface by the friction of each media particle and discharged out of the tower entraining in the exhaust gas and collected as dried product at collecting equipment.

Material examples



  • Particle size in a primary particle size can be obtained by collision and frictional action of the media.
  • Active movement of the media can disperse slurry material into the fluidized bed readily and efficiently, therefore, enable to dry wide range from low to high viscous materials.
  • Heat transfer capability coefficient ha (KW/m3K) is as the same value with the normal fluidized bed dryer, therefore the equipment is compact. In comparison to a spray dryer, the volume of the drying tower is approximately 1/20.
  • Active fluidization of the media causes efficient heat exchange and lowers the necessary heat energy.
  • Spray device is not required for atomization of the slurry material, therefore adjustments of the viscosity of the slurry is not required.
  • There are no rotating equipment and driving parts inside the drying tower, which allows easy maintenance. Sanitary design is also available.

Application examples


For type other than those above, we will design and manufacture in accordance with your request.

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