NARA Paddle Dryer (NPD/C)

Versatile drying

The NARA Paddle Dryer (NPD) was originally designed as an indirect dryer used for both drying and heating or cooling organic and inorganic pellets, granulates or powdery materials.

Over time, its application has diversified from basic process applications to more sophisticated processes like crystallization, coating, sterilization and calcination. Because of its wide range of applications, the Paddle Dryer (NPD) is used in many industries such as food industry, pharmaceutical, specialty chemical and the battery.

The product temperature is changed by contact of the material with cone-shaped rotating paddles and the unit wall. Here, the required heat transfer is achieved by heating or cooling the shafts and dryer body. In addition to the very good indirect heat transfer, the Paddle Dryer (NPD) is characterised by its compact design and thus low space requirement. The intermeshing movements of the paddles ensure homogeneous, constant mixing of the material in continuous or batch operation.



  • Fine particles
  • Granules
  • Pellets
  • Flakes
  • Filter cake
  • Wide range of particle sizes and shapes
  • Materials with high moisture content
  • Slurry
  • High viscosity material
  • Compact size of the dryer due to large heating surfaces in the individual sections.
  • The wedge-shaped paddles are in constant contact with the product. This ensures good mixing.
  • Due to the high filling ratio of 80-90%, the heat transfer surface is used effectively.
  • Since two shafts overlap each other, it prevents the adhesion of powder on the paddle wings which ensures uniform heat transfer over the entire surface.
  • Short residence time and uniform drying of the powder.
  • Since the required carrier gas amount is small, the exhaust gas treatment system can also be minimized. This is a big advantage, especially for the closed system with inert gas circulation for solvent recovery.
  • Available to operate under vacuum conditions for materials which are sensitive to high temperatures.
  • By using oil for the heating medium, it is possible to use high temperatures up to 290°C.
Model NPD1.6W-G3W-G4W-G5W-G6W-G7W-G8W-G9W-G10W-G11W-G12W-G13W-G
DimensionsL1 [mm]1.5002.5002.7002.9003.0503.3504.2504.7505.1005.5005.9006.100
Model NPD1.6W-G3W-G4W-G5W-G6W-G7W-G8W-G9W-G10W-G11W-G12W-G12W-G
Jacket heat [m²]
Total heat transfer area [m²]2.58.512.717.822.932.745.260.273.891102122.3
Effective volume [m²]0.0650.3480.641.11.62.463.765.17.059.0611.1813.9
Speed of rotation [min-1]302118171513121010998
Standard motor [kW]

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