Tornesh Dryer

Clever constructed

Tornesh Dryer is a novel design direct heat type dryer, applying swirling airflow. The biggest advantage is the special disperse-structure. Since this unique development, its novelty has gained high reputation all around the world.


Synthetic resins, foods, pharmaceutical products, etc. which require frequent grade change or cleaning.


  • Tornesh Dryer has a structure where wet powder materials would not adhere inside the equipment due to the high-speed swirl flow generated by the specifically aligned disperse plates applying perforated plate.
  • Wet materials are discharged as dried products in several or dozens of minutes. After the drying process, there is no adhesion of powders, therefore it does not require long time for grade change.
  • Tornesh Dryer has a simple structure which does not require complicated drying tower construction, and the cleaning is easy.
  • There are various models as per the properties of the powder and the capacity.


There are various line-ups, such as jacket structure, one-stage drying, two-stage drying, and a combination of Tornesh Dryer + Fluidized Bed Dryer. For type other than those above, we will design and manufacture in accordance with your request.

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