NARA Tornesh Dryer (TRD)

Smart design

The NARA Tornesh Dryer (TRD) is an innovative direct heat type dryer creating a swirling airflow. The biggest advantage is the special dispersion-structure. In contrast to a flash dryer, a second air flow is introduced laterally in this system to create a spiral-shaped air flow. This increases the distance travelled by the product per metre of pipe, including the dwell time, and significantly reduces the required pipe length and installation area. Since this unique development, its novelty has gained high reputation worldwide.


  • Synthetic resins
  • Foods/veterinary foods
  •  Pharmaceutical


  • The NARA Tornesh Dryer is constructed in such a way that the wet powder material does not adhere inside the equipment to the walls due to the turbulence created by the perforated plates.
  • Wet materials are discharged as dried products quickly. As the powder material does not adhere after the drying process, a quick product change is possible.
  • Tornesh Dryer has a simple structure which does not require complicated drying tower construction, and the cleaning is easy.
  • There are different types available depending on powder properties and capacity.
TypeTRD-250 - TRD-3.000
Diameter of the body [mm]250-3.000
Height of main body [m]1.7-17
Enlarging partsx1.0-x1.5-x2.0


We are happy to manufacture according to your requirements.