NARA MACHINERY EUROPE will be closed by December 31st of 2023.
Tokyo Headquarters will take over the business activities.

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Our history

The history of NARA Machinery Co. Ltd. began with the establishment of NARA Shoten in 1924. The company’s employees have concentrated on all forms and facets of “powder” ever since. Having first modernised powder processing in Japan, these pioneers are now accepted as experts worldwide.

Developed in 1925, the Jiyu Mill became the cornerstone of the product range. This high-speed impact type crusher was the first of its kind in Japan. Extensively modified and improved over the years, it is still in production and distribution today.

NARA’s engineers have never lost their enthusiasm for the development of powder processing technology. We are proud to say that NARA Machinery’s successful organization has enabled the company to play a key role in the history of industrial powder processing – a role that continues to this day.

The technical know-how and pioneering spirit of those early days, which have been handed down from generation to generation, remain an essential part of NARA’s corporate philosophy today.


A highly specialized product range and customer-oriented service in the processing of powdered materials - this is NARA


With its highly specialized product range and customer-oriented service NARA Machinery provides customized solutions for the processing of powdered solids. Our focus areas are drying, grinding and particle design.

We supply equipment in sizes from laboratory equipment to large industrial plant. The machine or its components are manufactured in the company‘s own production facilities in Japan or under strict control by our vendors. Except for the core components most system components are largely manufactured in Europe.

The service for our clients includes the execution of tests, feasibility studies, rental of equipment and limited toll processing.

Our mission

NARA Machinery, since 1924, has continued its legacy with core values of INNOVATION-CUSTOMIZATION-EXPERTISE in the powder processing industries.
NARA Machinery evaluates each project with a unique customized approach.
We analyze the process in depth and apply our expertise, so our clients receive the best innovative solution.


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CIRES S.A., Portugal
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