NARA Sample Mill (SAM)

Product outline

The Sample Mill (SAM) is a laboratory scaled pulverizer with a small production capacity and available for GMP applications. Desk-top type or a  stand alone type is available. It is easy to disassemble and clean inside of the milling parts. The NARA Sample Mill (SAM) can also be utilized as Nebulasizer (NS) just by changing the specified parts. Contamination of foreign materials is prevented by the air seal of the shaft sealing part. It is mounted with a compressor, therefore it is ready to use by just connecting electric power.

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Foods
  • Cosmetics
  • Chemicals
  • Electronic materials
  • Ceramics
  • Resin
  • Fine chemicals
  • Compact sized equipment with easy handling.
  • Easy assembling/disassembling and cleaning.
  • Shaft sealing utilizes a gas seal structure to prevent contaminations of foreign materials.
  • No contamination through belt abrasion due to direct connection of rotor and motor.
  • By connecting with a screw feeder, a complete small-scaled milling system can be constructed.
  • By changing the milling parts, Sample Mill becomes a sizing machine.

We are happy to manufacture according to your requirements.