NARA Boono Cooler (NBC)

NARA Boono Cooler (NBC) is an indirect heating type cooler for powder materials, with single or double agitating shafts. Each agitating shaft is arranged with numbers of NARA specially designed agitating wings. Each shaft and wing are jacketed.

Powders fed into the Boono Cooler are mixed well by the agitating shafts and are cooled by being in contact with the trough and agitating shafts, in which the coolant media is flowing.

Boono Cooler can be used not only as a cooler but also as a heating (sterilization, drying) device by using hot water, hot oil, or low-pressure steam as a heating media.


  • Boono Cooler is the sister equipment of the NARA Paddle Dryer (NPD), a representative for indirect heating type dryers.
  • No dust generation of the fine powders due to the elegant and unique shape of the moving wings.
  • Powder remaining in the Boono Cooler is reduced to a minimum due to the special structure of the wings.
  • Boono Cooler has a high cooling (heating) exchange efficiency, with large heat transfer area in a relatively compact size.
Heat transfer area [m²]
Effective volume [m³]0.0730.2960.4770.6280.9461.251.522.383.093.805.416.226.887.6910.31213.6
Paddle wing [mm]160500500500500500500700700700900900900900110011001100
Rotating speed [min]3017171717171713131310101010999
Power [kW]




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