NARA Micros (MIC)

Super fine mill

NARA Micros is a wet milling machine with a completely different milling mechanism compared to the conventional ball mill. The high impact and shear force applied to the materials, by the power generated by the milling rings and the lining of the vessel, is used for milling and dispersion. This enables milling down to the single micron or submicron range within 20-30 minutes. Since the milling rings are attached to the subshaft, it is possible to process slurries with high viscosity, and the separation of the milling media from the processed materials is simple.

  • Electronic materials
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Foods
  • Chemicals
  • Materials for biomass
  • High viscous slurries
  • Slurry with high viscosity can be milled or dispersed in a short processing time.
  • Processing of organic solvents is possible.
  • Temperature control by cooling or heating is possible since the vessel has a jacket structure.
  • Fine milling in a short processing time compared to ball mill or beads mill is possible.
  • Operation by batch, continuous, or outer circuit is possible.
  • Production plant system can be constructed by the combination of raw materials tank, feeding pumps, etc.
Total volume of vesselL0.742.
Effective volume of grinding chamberL0.401.
Operating volume (batch)L0.350.
Operating volume (continuous)L-
Revolution (maximum)min-1250015501400122512251100975925
Power of motorkW2.23.75.51115305555
Inside diameter of vesselmm87125146196196244330378
Pitch circle diameter of sub shaftmm6386102152152200286334
Number of sub shaftPieces66688101620
Number of grinding blockUnit11122333
Number of grindingPieces11418021628848090017282160
Approximate dimension mmW550700700800800100012001300
Estimated weightkg13560080011001200250040004500
Explosion proof type x0000000


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