NARA Fluidized Bed Dryer (FBD)

Drying, heating, cooling

The NARA Fluidized Bed Dryer (FBD) provides high efficiency by fluidizing powder with gas. It is suitable to uniformly dry the processed material which ranges in high moisture content to low moisture content. The wet powder is dried by a fluidized bed incorporating a heat exchange with gas. The air entering through a sieve, creates a powder charged air, causing an effective mass / heat exchange, as well as good mixing of the powder. The moisture content of the powder is picked up by the air flowing through and discharged, via cyclone and filter. The Fluidized Bed Dryer is used in many broad applications and industries, such as food, feed, fertilizers, pharmaceutical and plastics industries.

  • NARA’S Continuous Type Fluidized Bed Dryer  (C-FBD): The hot air is blown from the gas dispersion plate (a perforated plate type) equipped at the bottom of the dryer. This provides uniformity and dispersion. The C-FBD disperses, fluidizes and dries wet material that is continuously fed. The processed material once dried, is moved to the next drying chamber through a gap at the bottom of the partition plate, after being fully dried the material is discharged over the overflow gate.
  • Heat Transfer Units Built-in Type Continuous Fluidized Bed Dryer (CT-FBD): Heat transfer units (tube or plate type) are built inside the equipment. About 60% - 80% of heat capacity necessary for drying are supplied from the units. Consequently, the hot air volume can be decreased, allowing the equipment to become compact and auxiliary equipment miniaturized.

NARA’s Batch Type Fluidized Bed Dryer (B-FBD): Hot gas is supplied from the bottom of B-FBD through the perforated plate to fluidize and dry the powder materials. Feeding, drying, and discharging processes are repeated in a batch process. There are two options in the discharging process; Option 1, is rotating the perforated plate by a control motor and discharging all the material into the bottom hopper. Option 2 is by utilizing a centrifuge stream generated by a directional type perforated plate to discharge all of powder from the wall of the B-FBD.

  • Synthetic resin (PVC, PP, PE, ABS, MBS, PPS, etc.)
  • Foods
  • Chemicals
  • Fertilizer
  • Feed
  • Agrichemicals
  • Ceramics
  • Pigments, etc.
  • Materials dried at a constant-rate drying, are processed at wet-bulb temperature, enabling drying to low moisture content, under a relatively low temperature.
  • Minimized damage to the material.
  • Suitable for granules or crystallized materials.
  • High drying efficiency by installing the heat exchanging tubes or panels, which cover 80% of heat exchange process.
  • Required gas amount is small due to the large heat exchanging area of tubes or plates installed inside the Fluidized Bed Dryer. Therefore, the sizes of each equipment of the system, such as the fluidized bed body, blowers, and dust collecting is minimized.
  • NARA Batch-FBD is suitable especially for material which requires drying in the decreasing-rate drying zone.
  • The heat exchanger tubes can be easily removed.
  • CIP (cleaning in place) is also available. SIP (sterilisation in place) could be completed.
TypeBed areaHeat transfer areaEffective volume
C(T)-FBD- 0.24-1020.24 m2 - 102 m21.4 m2 - 1100 m20.06 m3 - 76.5 m3
B-FBD- 0.2-3.20.2 m - 3.2 m0.03 m2 - 8.04 m20.005 m3 - 6.0 m3


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