NARA Nebulasizer (NS)

For optimized size distribution and versatility

The NARA Nebulasizer (NS) is an innovative non-screen sizing machine. It utilizes the clearance between the rotary sizing ring and fixed sizing stator. Since no screen is required, the clogging or damage of a typical sizing screen is avoided. Not only dry sizing but also wet sizing is possible. Therefore, generation of fine powders can be suppressed. Production with high process yield can be achieved with very sharp particle size distribution. There are many variations in the shape of sizing ring and stator, and countermeasures against abrasion and adhesion. NARA Nebulasizer can be applied for different types of materials and application fields.



  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Health foods
  • Foods
  • Chemical goods
  • Fine ceramics
  • Detergent
  • Cosmetics
  • Powder metallurgy
  • Feedstuff
  • Fertilizer
  • No clogging and unwanted crushing of the product due to non-screen structure.
  • Dry and wet materials can be sized, therefore no fine powders are generated during the process.
  • Particle distribution of the product can be easily controlled by using the spacer for adjusting the clearance.
  • Powder adhesion can be suppressed by introducing hot air into the machine with the wet materials, to partially dry the outer surface layer of the material.
  • Different materials can be handled for different purposes via various types of sizing rings and stators.
  • NARA Nebulasizer can be incorporated in line with various types of granulator such as extruder, agitating granulator, etc.
TypeCapacity [kg/h]Drive power [kW]Properties
NS-mini40-851.5Desktop small lab-scale

Pilot-scale, excellent in cleaning performance, cGMP Manufacturing

Easy to dissassemble/clean


High capacity machines for production

For anti-abrasion: tungsten carbide pins, hard metals, etc can be used.

For anti-anhesion: hot air/cooling air can be induced.


We are happy to manufacture according to your requirements.


Nebulasizer Video